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Military challenge coin spotlight!

As someone who has been designing military challenge coins for almost 11 years I can appreciate the creativity and finished products created by others.

Creativity does not always flow easily for me but when it does it’s fantastic. I believe exercising creativity is one of the most satisfying things for those who create custom coins.

With this in mind I wanted to add a section to this website where I can acknowledge and bring to light what I believe are outstanding or very cool coin designs.

This month, January 2017 we bring you our first ever – best military challenge coin nominee.

I love Spartan coins and really anything to do with Spartans. I believe they were one of the greatest fighting forces planet earth has even seen.

This Amazon listing features a Marine Corps Spartan coin that measures 2 inches (longest dimension) and a thickness of 4mm. Knowing coins like I do, I believe the base material of this coin is zinc alloy and was manufactured using the die cast process. I’m sure that can be confirmed with the seller before purchase if that’s something that matters to you. As a side note, I doubt you will receive coin number 69. Just saying!

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