Sports Coins

Whether official merchandise or collectibles we manufacture Sports Coins to the highest quality standards. We aim to please and our customer reviews prove it. We would be honored to help you create a coin that is uniquely you.

Sports Challenge Coins

Sports challenge coins are important mementos for fans and teams everywhere. Crafting top-quality coins and meeting the expectations of each of our customers are just a few reasons why Custom Challenge Coins is one of the leaders in the challenge coin industry.
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Sports Coin Pricing

2" No Color, Die Struck$5.94$3.67$3.18$3.07$3.05
2" One Side Color, Soft Enamel$6.51$4.08$3.65$3.58$3.51
2" Two Side Color, Soft Enamel$7.09$4.38$4.04$3.99$3.89
Price does not include mold fee
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Sports Coins

Who says coins are only good for flipping? Although we have made commemorative coin toss coins, Sports challenge coins recognizing a team, a season, an achievement, an individual/team record, or a championship are just as common. These coins foster teamwork and bond between team members, at the same time, bring fans into the mix allowing them to purchase or receive as a token of appreciation from their favorite team!

Custom Challenge Coins can help you and your team create an exceptional coin that is both eye-catching and full of personality! Our talented designers can take your custom sports coins one notch higher - allowing all design elements fit harmoniously in a top-quality metal product. To achieve your design style, we allow our customers to choose or our designers can choose for you - whether you like to have Soft Enamel or Hard Enamel coins (or even both one on each side).

  • Soft enamel coins are characterized to be textured, with the enamel filled below the metal ridges.
  • Hard enamel, on the other hand, are smooth, the overfilled enamel polished smooth against metal.

Here are some benefits of choosing custom sports challenge coins for your team.

Great Way to Reward Achievements

Hard work and accomplishments in a team deserves an award. What could be a more rewarding way than giving out a top-grade quality token that an outstanding team player can cherish for a lifetime, or hand one over to your team’s coach for an exceptional job in leading your team to victory. Whether a 3D image of the winning play, a tally of the seasons record, or showcasing a record, whatever your goal is, we have the talent and experience to capture your desires on a coin.

Cultivates Team Unity

Connection among team players is nurtured if each of them feels they are important. A custom sports challenge coin allows them to feel they belong thus promote teamwork, sportsmanship and camaraderie. Encourage your team, build up pride and worth, hand them a custom sports coin designed specifically for your team and watch them play towards victory!

Extraordinary Gift

A player retiring from the team or your coach celebrating a milestone in his life? Show them that all of you value them by creating a custom sports coin that screams the name and identity of the team! It is definitely a memorable gift that is worth looking back and cherishing for a long time. Custom sports coins are also a great avenue to show supporters that you appreciate them and their efforts to lift your team’s spirit. Gift them a challenge coin that they can treasure!

Replacement for Rings

Championship rings are expensive, not to mention a hassle to accommodate a range of sizes. If you're not operating on a multi-million dollar budget, leave it to us. We can personalize each coin individually with engraving to accommodate everyone in the organization, even the mascot!

We offer promos and discounts to our valued customers, send us an inquiry so we can provide a non-obligatory quote. Free shipping is available, and you can easily track your shipment at any time. Each custom sports coin is individually packaged to guarantee that you receive it in perfect condition upon arrival.

You can always contact our team members, as we are happy to answer any of your questions. Feel free to reach out to Custom Challenge Coins! You can email us, click here to chat, or call us at 1-877-514-8484 for more information about sports coins!

Choose the Challenge Coin Edge Style that fits your custom coin.
** Not applicable for ceramic challenge coins
Challenge Coin Flat Edge

Standard Flat Edge

Price: FREE
Challenge Coin Rope Edge

Rope Edge

Price: FREE
Challenge Coin Spur Edge

Spur Edge

Price: FREE
Challenge Coin Chain Edge

Chain Edge 

Price: FREE
Challenge Coin Bevel Edge

Bevel Edge 

Price: $0.35/ Per Side Per Coin
Challenge Coin Cross Cut Edge

Cross Cut Edge

Price: $0.35 / Per Side Per Coin
Challenge Coin Oblique Edge

Oblique Line Edge 

Price: $0.35 / Per Side Per Coin
Challenge Coin Reeded Edge

Reeded Edge

Price: $0.65 / Per Coin
Challenge Coin Custom Edge

Custom Edge

Price: Varies

Custom Challenge Coin Plating Options

Customize Your Custom Coin with Our Various Plating Options 
** Not applicable for ceramic challenge coins
Polished Nickel Coin Plating

Polished Nickel 

Price: FREE
Polished Gold Coin Plating

Polished Gold

Price: FREE
Polished Copper Coin Plating

Polished Copper

Price: FREE
Polished Brass Coin Plating

Polished Brass 

Price: FREE
Black Nickel Coin Plating

Black Nickel

Price: FREE
Antique Nickel Coin Plating

Antique Nickel

Price: $0.35 / Per Coin
Antique Copper Coin Plating.jpg

Antique Copper

Price: $0.35 / Per Coin
Antique Brass Coin Plating

Antique Brass

Price: $0.35/ Per Coin
Antique Gold Coin Plating

Antique Gold

Price: $0.60 / Per Coin
Antique Silver Coin Plating

Antique Silver

Price: $0.35 / Per Coin
Polished Nickel Plating Option

Polished Silver

Price: $0.35 / Per Coin


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Additional Custom Challenge Coin Options

Select from a wide variety of additional challenge coin options to personalize your custom coin.
** Not applicable for ceramic challenge coins

Spinner Challenge Coins

Show more personality by adding an interactive design with a spinner
Pricing Varies on Size

3D Challenge Coins

Add layers of great details for a more realistic feel on a custom coins.
Pricing Varies on Size

Bottle Opener Challenge Coins

Up your challenge coin game with a multi-functional bottle opener design.
Pricing Varies on Size

Glow in the Dark Coins

Create a striking effect on your coin with a glow in the dark feature!
Glow Enamel: $0.20 / Per Color Per Side

Edge Engraved Challenge Coins

Recognize the best times by custom engraving a message on your coin.
Edge Engraving: $0.70 / Per Coin

Epoxy Challenge Coins

Option to make soft enamel appear as smooth as hard enamel, and added protection for your coin.
Epoxy Dome: $0.35 / Per Color Per Side

Translucent Enamel Coins

Take your coins to the next level with the appearance of depth and a sleek glossy finish.
Translucent: $0.20 / Per Color Per Side

Sequential Numbering

Showcase a limited quantity, add a badge number, names or any defining feature with laser engraving
Numbering: $0.25 / Per Coin 

($25 Additional Setup Fee)
Matte Enamel Coin Option

Matte Enamel

Transform any enamel into a matte enamel, recommended when the color is the main focus!
Matte: $0.20 / Per Color Per Side
Choose the Challenge Coin Packaging that Fits Your Custom Coin.
Challenge Coin PVC Case

PVC Envelope

Price: FREE
Challenge Coin Velvet Bag

Velvet Bag

Price: $0.25 Each 
Challenge Coin Capsules

Coin Capsule

Price: $0.59 Each
Challenge Coin Plastic Stand

Plastic Stand

Price: $0.49 Each
Challenge Coin Acrylic Case

Acrylic Case

Price: $1.00 Each
Challenge Coin Velvet Box

Velvet Box

Price: $4.00 Each

(Minimum Order Quantity: 100)

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We have been making challenge coins for over 15 years and have thousands of satisfied customers. Let our talented design team and knowledgeable staff help you with your next custom coin project. 

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