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For those of you that don’t know, military challenge coins are essentially award coins or acknowledgement of excellence awards. These custom medallions go a long way toward boosting morale, solidifying comradery and recognizing those military service members that go above and beyond the call of duty.

Military challenge coins may also be known as: coins of excellence, commander coins, command coins, unit coins, battalion coins, brigade coins, squadron coins and so forth. Although they are called by many names the only real question to me is: which military branch displays the highest level of creativity with their coin designs?

Other reasons the military makes coins!

Milestone anniversaries and birthday balls are a couple of additional reasons to create coins. There are even specialized balls within the branches such as the Seabees Ball in Yokosuka Japan. I have had the pleasure of designing one of these coins in the past and I hope to again in the future.

The most unprecedented special offer, ever!

The additional reasons mentioned above are at least part of the reason we are going to make you an offer, we doubt you can refuse. Where have I heard that before?

2017 represents 2 significant milestone anniversaries in our United States military. First is the 70th Anniversary of the United States Air Force and second is the 75th Anniversary of the United States Seabees. We are offering FREE die fees for these anniversary coins – when you order 125 coins or more and your coin size measures 2.25 inches or smaller (longest dimension) – special shapes included.

I honestly thought I could NOT possibly improve this offer but then I had an epiphany. Since I don’t want to exclude any of my military brothers and sisters, I have decided to include military birthday ball coins into this die fee discount revolution. Therefore, any of you reading this that have plans to make custom military birthday ball coins will now also enjoy FREE die fees when you order 125 coins or more and your coin size measures 2.25 inches or smaller (longest dimension) – special shapes included.

Mum is not the word!

I’m going to be brutally honest here. I will not expend a lot of effort here to essentially give money away. I mean obviously that’s pretty much what I’m doing, right? I am going to leave the marketing of this offer up to all of you.

If you’re reading this and you like saving money on custom military coins, why not pay it forward and share this offer with your military brethren? I would really appreciate that and I’m sure your military comrades would as well. Sharing is caring!

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